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The Desperation -Pt 9

November 16th, 2007, 7:00 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply RyanMC, November 15th, 2007, 9:25 pm

Nothing like experiencing something first hand to know how much you want it. It's kind of like free samples, only with more mortal peril.

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User's Comments:

Reply Matt M. (Guest), November 17th, 2007, 12:31 am

Samus and the others had better hurry.

Reply Angel85, November 17th, 2007, 7:13 am

I bet that thing is really cranky now.

Reply Dark Star (Guest), November 17th, 2007, 10:28 pm

Wasn't she saying earlier that she didn't want to infect Lavos? As I recall, she didn't want to do it because then she would no longer be the most powerful X parasite. Unless by making it her host, she's doing something similar that the original SA-X did, which was combine the genetic data of Samus and that frog-creature it had originally infected to make a whole new form. In which case, if she does that, then I'm leaving this dimension.

Reply Corey, November 18th, 2007, 8:13 am

@ Dark Star She didn't want someone ELSE to infect Lavos, she wants to do it herself.

Reply DementedKitsune (Guest), November 18th, 2007, 10:20 am

The SA-X isn't a combination of the frog thing and Samus, it is a clone of the original Samus and her powersuit created from when the X infected her. The X-Queen WANTS to infect Lavos so she WILL BE the most powerful X of all, Lavos is more powerful than the form she has now, WAY more powerful, even with maxed out chars fighting Lavos is a tough battle because he's just that nasty.

Reply Dark Star (Guest), November 18th, 2007, 2:31 pm

@Corey: Ok, thanks. Sorry, I forgot that. ><
@Demented Kitsune: It isn't a combination of the frog thing and samus. However, in the first REAL battle against the SA-X, when you've got it on the ropes, it turns into some grotesque combo of it's original host, the afore-mentioned frog-thing, and Samus's power suit. And yes, I know about what you're saying about how powerful Lavos is. I've played Chrono Trigger, and even with New Game+ so I was level 99 and all my stats maxed out and the best equipment in the game and all that stuff, I still had a tough time fighting Lavos. What I'm saying, is that she might combine her power and Lavos'. Schala-X is bloody powerful, if she can do what she's doing right now, so think about how powerful Lavos would be with her power combined with it?

Reply DementedKitsune (Guest), November 19th, 2007, 2:10 pm

All she's doing is keeping him from waking up completely and vaping her ass. And I've fought the fusion of Schala and Lavos which is known as the Devourer of Time, it's the final boss of Chrono Cross, he's pretty tough too.

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